Insight Acoustics Ltd. – August 22st, 2019 – Insight Acoustics, a leading provider of Computer Vision Guided Acoustic Beamforming Platform and Targeted Audio Surveillance System, today announced a new partnership with Olvitech Corporation. Under the new partnership, Olvitech Corporation will act as a main platform for distributing the entire Insight Acoustics product line to customers in Russia as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

“Real-Time & Forensic Audio-Scoping, which allows accurate and continuous sound source tracking & sound capture, is a game-changer in the Home Land Security operational concept. The ability to visually track a suspect and Audio-Track him, while filtering out all ambient sounds, provides the 4th dimension to reliably approach any Security challenge, both for indoor or outdoor scenarios”, said Elya Presman, Managing Director at Olvitech Corporation. As Insight Acoustics’ first distributor in this territory, we look forward to bringing the state-of-the-art targeted audio surveillance solutions technology to our customers.”

From its Moscow office, Olvitech Corporation will support locally Insight Acoustics solutions in Russia, as well as in CIS countries.  The partnership includes the entire Insight Acoustics product line and Olvitech Corporation sees tremendous opportunity across this region for reliable and ground-breaking solutions. As Insight Acoustics’ distributor, Olvitech Corporation will provide a strong local presence with full marketing and technical support capabilities available to all systems integrators and end-user customers in the region.

“The Russian and the CIS markets represent a huge opportunity for our solutions, and we will be able to enter into these regions much more effectively thanks to our new partnership with Olvitech Corporation. As a strong player with high visibility and local expertise in the region, Olvitech Corporation is the ideal partner to take Insight Acoustics to new heights,” said Gilad Cohen, COO, and co-founder at Insight Acoustics. “Olvitech’s skilled management and engineering staff possess a longstanding experience in the HLS market in the Territory. Together, we will bring a great deal of value to HLS System Integrators and customers in this vital region.”

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About Olvitech Corporation

Olvitech Corporation is an international high-technology group, identifies and integrates the ideal technologies and solutions, with three core businesses: Security, Video & Networks operating in Europe, Russia & CIS, through local partners and its facilities.
With the assistance of advanced surveillance systems, Olvitech Corporation makes sure to meet the ever-growing needs of individual clients, as well as businesses and governments. With cutting edge CCTV security solutions, traffic law enforcement and monitoring solutions, together with award-winning NVMS and Analytics, Olvitech consult, plan, provide and support high-end projects from small scale projects to large Safe-City projects. Olvitech Corporation set of experts in the Security segment, allows its customers to enjoy a reliable, highly responsive and professional supports both in the project-planning phase, as well as the post-project support.

About Insight Acoustics

InSight Acoustics is a leading Audio Surveillance solution provider and known for the HyperMic technology, an optical and acoustic sensors combined into a single, optically guided acoustic beam-forming device.

HyperMic can optically track multiple people or any user-selected sound source, estimate a relative direction to each source, and concurrently steer independent acoustic beam formers. The output of each acoustic beam former is a digital audio stream whose audio content is predominantly composed of sounds arriving from the direction of the selected source.

An extended version of the HyperMic technology, CrossBeam, utilizes two or more synchronized HyperMic modules in order to direct multiple beam formers from different directions toward the same sound source. CrossBeam digital audio stream outputs are time-aligned and cross-correlated to provide an additional speech-capture performance boost.

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