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Why Can You Rely on FLIR to Protect Your Data Against Cyber Threats?

Cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges faced by system integrators and end users today. How does FLIR ensure the cybersecurity of their security systems? To safeguard against cybersecurity issues, FLIR applies measures such as using the latest hardware and software, on-premises storage solutions, testing all products and firmware to identify the newest threats.…

FLIR Systems Launches Quasar Premium Mini-Dome and Quasar Premium Bullet Cameras with Advanced Cybersecurity Features

FLIR Systems has announced the launch of two premium visible cameras: FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome and Quasar Premium Bullet. The new Quasar Premium lineup offers the highest quality video surveillance and optimal performance. The FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome is available with 5MP HD or 4K Ultra-HD resolutions and the FLIR Quasar Premium Bullet series is available with 4MP Quad HD and…

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