Integrated Access Control and Thermal Imaging Solutions

LenelS2 and FLIR had signed an agreement to integrate thermal screening and access control solutions. The cooperation aims at supporting healthy, safe workspaces and against the spread of the virus. Companies announced a combined solution including the OnGuard access control system and selected FLIR thermal cameras.

As more and more organizations implement temperature testing for their employees, it’s necessary to make this process accurate, fast, and safe. This new solution is designed to minimize potential health risks. The FLIR A500-EST and A700-EST are non-contact thermal screening tools that can detect and quickly identify persons with elevated skin temperature. You don’t need to spend time using a medical device like a thermometer, to hire personnel to operate the device and provide protective gear to keep them safe. Now you can customize access control parameters to allow or deny entry for people with elevated temperatures.

Through onboard edge-computing with advanced measurement tools or when combined with customized elevated skin temperature screening software, these cameras provide rapid, frictionless screening stations that communicate with the OnGuard system to automatically process and apply customizable access control parameters.

“The FLIR and LenelS2 brands complement each other perfectly to provide our customers best-of-breed solutions they can confidently deploy,” said Rickard Lindvall, Vice President and General Manager, Solutions Business, FLIR.

About LenelS2

LenelS2 is the leading developer of complete enterprise physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance, event monitoring, digital signage, live Internet sourced real-time data and information feed, mobile applications, and cloud-based services.

About FLIR

Founded in 1978, FLIR is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. The company makes thermal cameras and components for a wide variety of commercial and government applications.

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