Airports – the gateway of the countries, require a high level of security measures on a regular, for which highly efficient solutions are implemented. Yet the new era imposed due to the virus presents a new challenge for Airport authorities worldwide.
It is clear that without a reliable measure to identify Virus carriers, it will be difficult for countries to welcome passengers from other countries on the one hand, and the responsibility for avoiding sick passengers to board flights (or even enter the Airport) on the other.
Of course, the best solution would be forced medical tests before boarding the plane, but such tests are not available at the moment, and once available, it will require the passenger to take such tests voluntarily. Moreover, assuming a Virus passenger is detected in the Flight Gate, he/she poses a health risk to all other passengers in the terminal, and may even cause a recurrent outbreak.
Hence, it is required to detect the sick passenger before entering the Airport, and the only means for that would be screening passengers via specific Thermal Cameras.

The question remains, is Thermal detection sufficient for that purpose?

The below scenario can be very real and requires a different approach:

Stage 1: A Passenger queues to enter the Airport, with his temperature measured at the entrance.

Stage 2: The passenger is denied entry due to high body temperature.

Stage 3: The passenger, who just spent a few hundred Euros on Air ticket, will not want to lose his flight, and will turn to the nearest pharmacy, and purchases a pill to lower his fever.

Stage 4: One hour later (or a day later), the Passenger returns to the Airport with normal body temperature, and is now able to enter. This person is hiding high fever and is imposing risk on every person in the Airport, flight, and further in the destination country.

Such a scenario can only be avoided if a reliable combination of Thermal detection together with reliable Face Recognition system are applied simultaneously, and are fully integrated.

How Does it Work?

Corsight Thermal Camera Integration can identify the body temperature of individuals in a large crowd. The system generates an alert to block the possibly infected person from entering the premises. Simultaneously, Fortify records their face in a special time-lapse database. Over the course of the next 24 – 48 hours (user configurable), the system will identify the infected person every time they try to re-enter the facility, even if their body temperature now registers in the normal range. Once the preset time has elapsed, that person will no longer be on the “suspected infections threat” database and will be able to enter at will.

With >98% recognition accuracy, the Corsight Face Recognition application identifies, recognize, and register any individual, even with a Face Mask covering 50% of the face, including all required terms (e.g., date/time of entrance, etc.). The registration either can be in the local Airport storage, or centralized storage operated by the Authorities.

(Note: Integration can be performed with any chosen Thermal vision vendor)

Technical Features

20/+ people can be recognized simultaneously in the camera’s field of view.

1 hour – 1 month: The amount of time the infected person’s images are maintained in the database (user configurable preferences)

Under 1 second: Face detection and alert time

The system can detect people with face masks and PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment)

Corsight’s Fortify Thermal Camera Integration is a software add-on to your Fortify system or can be sold as a standalone software solution integrated into the customer’s existing systems and technologies.

What About Protecting our Privacy?

In line with Corsight’s commitment to privacy, the images of all people with normal temperatures are not captured in the system and their faces are blurred to the system operator.

The only images captured are of those people with a high body temperature – those who therefore may pose a health risk to others. The system identifies these people – and their location – in real time and relays this information to the system operator. Reference images of sick people are deleted from the system and the system only records a mathematical signature that represents their face. The actual pictures of people’s faces cannot be recreated from this unique mathematical signature.

Corsight prodigious capabilities allow recognition in almost any condition, Corsight from almost total darkness (i.e. <3 lumen), to remarkable detection angels (i.e. Front – ±90°, Elevation – ±45°), and ease of enrollment of new persons. All these positions Corsight as the best Face Recognition algorithm in the HLS domain and now as a leading solution for assisting in fighting the virus.

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