FLIR United VMS is a flexible solution that allows users to easily scale and customize their security systems to meet their needs.

United VMS integrates easily with third-party systems and hardware so users can manage their security from a single operating platform.

Through United VMS functionality, security personnel can view the video, take control of PTZ cameras, receive alarm notifications, do thumbnail searches, export video, and much more, all by using the single EZ Client interface. The EZ Client is available for smartphones and tablets.

Quick View simplifies operators’ work and optimizes tracking of targets by providing quick switching between cameras and scenes.

FLIR Health Monitor tool continuously analyzes the health of your system to ensure smooth operation. A cloud-based dashboard gives users the ability to monitor the servers, services, and cameras so they are immediately notified of any possible problems before they arise.

FLIR Integrated Reporting Tool allows users to create reports covering all the events which are not limited to intrusions for best-in-class monitoring, anticipation, and maintenance.

The FLIR United VMS products include the FLIR Latitude enterprise-level video management system, and Horizon and Meridian network video recorders (NVRs)

For more information, please visit Video Management Systems.

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