MASS Software

Magos Area Surveillance System (MASS) is a fully automated system for handling, controlling monitoring and logging intrusion alerts based on inputs from a variety of sensors such as ground surveillance radars and PTZ cameras. Upon intrusion detection, MASS automatically cues a camera and displays real-time video for target verification. Sensor and camera coverage is displayed in birds-eye view pictures generated by the integral mapping engine. This allows easy setup and control of the entire ground surveillance system. A user friendly interface enables easy and intuitive actions such as manual camera control, sensor positioning, event interrogation.


  • Allows recording of all video channels and screen for evidence and investigation
  • Unlimited number of sensors: radar, camera, smart detection fence, laser sensor and etc.
  • The user can easily create and manage areas on the map within which alert will be automatically disabled or alternatively define only specific areas in which alerts will be activated. This helps reducing false alarm rates where the radar coverage is larger than the protected perimeter and includes areas with constant normal traffic (roads/streets, etc.)
  • Integrates with all major VMSs for display of radar detections, camera recording, event management and Alerts by SMS or E-Mail.


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