Feature-rich Dynamic Video Analytics Software Platform

SpiderNET is an analytics system based on an open architecture software platform, compatible with any video surveillance system, supports easy integration with third-party video management platforms.

SpiderNet system provides a wide range of options for additional security with expanded functionality. Allows to set up 16 different rules and parameters for each separate camera (simultaneously) and select any exceptions from the rules.

The system is compatible with all types of IP cameras (including analog cameras) and does not require the replacement of existing infrastructure.

The system operates at an extremely low false alarm rate therefore today it became one of the most stable and reliable systems in the video surveillance market. Capable of dealing with the most extreme lighting and high-contrast conditions.

Developed by Mivtzar Technologies (Israel).

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16 Different Rules

& Parameters



no Extra Cost

Upgrade Any Existing Security System in the Shortest Possible Time

Video Analytics Open Platform

Open Platform

• Applicable to any video surveillance system
• Easy integration with 3rd-party VM platforms
• Easy integration with 3rd-party Alarm software

Fast implementation

Fast Implementations

• Provides fast complete deployment
• Easy calibration without unnecessary setup and time-consuming
• Operates with an extremely low false alarm rate
• One of the most stable and reliable systems on the video surveillance market

Advance analytics

Advanced Analytics

• Real-time alerts
• 16 different rules and parameters for each separate camera (simultaneously)
• Wide range of video analytics features
• Real-time event detection based on rules
• Allows selecting any exceptions from the rules

Distributed Architecture

Distributed Architecture

• Based on a distributed architecture
• Architecture distributes video processing tasks between the edge device and the server
• Ensures the efficient usage of computing elements
• Low total cost of ownership
• Low bandwidth

Object classification

Object Classification

• Object detection and classification methods:
– People
– Vehicle classes and more
• An accurate and reliable classification of objects in quite complex conditions:
– Rustling leaves on trees
– Snow and more
• The detection accuracy is constantly improving

Scalable System

• Easily scalable
• Can be used with any number of video cameras

The System Provides:

• Wide range of options for additional security
• Advanced functionality
• Easy integration with installed cameras
• Compatibility with all types of IP and analog cameras
• Does not require replacement of the existing infrastructure
• Advanced capabilities

Wide List OF 3rd Party Supported Cameras

ONVIF compliant

Recording H.264 from
most available cameras
on the market today

Use RTSP as long as they
support H.264





Camera Tampering

Alerts when the camera’s image has been altered: covered, blocked or 30% of the field of view moved or removed.
Object Static

The Static Object Alarm activates an alarm upon detection of a subject that remains in a same image position more than a user-specified time limit.  
Object Started

Alert upon movement or displacement of an object from a group of objects present in the scene within a user-defined area.  

The VMD Alarm is activated whenever a subject is moving inside the detection zone.
Path Detection

Detect and track movement of a person or vehicle between two defined areas. Creates a virtual fence line between two zones and detects a purposeful crossing.
Directional Motion

Alert upon and track objects moving in a user defined direction.


Alert on objects that appear suddenly in a user defined region of interest.   
Object Removal  

Alert upon displacement of any object that has been designated by the user as object of interest.

The Speed Alarm measures speed and activates an alarm whenever a subject or a vehicle violates the designated speed bounds between two zones.

Alert upon and track people remaining in a user defined region of interest for a user specified time.
Area Detection

Detects queue formation at registers or other user’s defined areas.  
Motion Detection

Detects an increasing or decreasing number of moving objects (people) in a user’s defined area. A maximum or minimum threshold must be exceeded for a specific period of time to trigger the alarm.
Rule Dependency

This feature associates two detection rules on a same feed with a user defined condition. An alarm will be triggered only when two of the selected rules have been violated within a predefined time frame and the chosen condition has been met.  
Car Counting  

Counting the directional flow of vehicles passing through a user-defined area.  
People Counting 

Bi-directional counting of the flow of individuals and groups passing through a user-defined threshold or doorway.
Smoke Detection  

Allows to quickly and reliably identify smoke.

Protection of plantations and agricultural areas with SpiderNet

SpiderNet helps companies around the world to protect animal health and agriculture

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One price |16 rules

no extra payments

16 Rules per camera

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