Optimal Security Solution For Large Perimeters


SR-1000 (Scepter) is Magos’ long-range addition to our advanced and cost-effective perimeter protection detection solutions for both rural and more saturated environments, without compromising detection performance.

By utilizing state of the art MIMO & Digital beam forming technology It detects for a range of up to 1000m for walker/ vehicle/boat, and yet consumes extremely low power (<5W). It boasts an ultra-high range accuracy giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments. Its small size, low power consumption and low weight make it simple to install and renders it ideal as a deployable system as well.

magos sr 1000 range



Sensor typeHigh resolution MIMO digital beam-forming radar
Detection rangeHuman up to 800m, Vehicle/Boat up to 1000m
Drone up to 200m
No moving partsMTBF of 50,000 Hours
Built in trackerExtremely low required bandwidth
Scan rate2 scans per second
Azimuth coverage100°
Elevation coverage30°
High Range accuracy< 1m
Azimuth accuracy
Target detection speed0.3 – 30m/sec
Power48V, 3.5W
System interfaceEthernet, POE – IEEE 802.3at Type 1 (802.3af) &Type 2
Dimensions250mm(w) x 300mm(h) x 80mm(d)
Environmental RatingsNEMA-6, IP67


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