SkyPatriot is a family of industry-leading early warning optical drone detection systems. They use powerful AI video analytic software to rapidly and reliably detect, track, and classify multiple drones located kilometres away, in real-time. The SkyPatriot family includes:

Key SkyPatriot Features

  • Passive high-definition detection cameras search for drone signatures 24/7
  • Powerful pan-tilt-zoom camera tracks and classifies detected drones
  • Extensive database of drone signatures and profiles for accurate identification and classification
  • Automatic recording of video, images, and telemetry data evidence of all detected drones
  • Can be deployed as a fixed installation, as part of a mobile setup, or combined with a larger installation
  • Scalable design allows easy customization and integration for covering multiple environments
  • Easy to install, set up and initialize, ensuring equipment is quickly operational
  • SkyPatriot Sector is entry-level optical system; incorporating a high-resolution detection camera that operates in combination with a 360° PTZ camera. The detection camera continuously scans its preset field of view for multiple objects, directing the PTZ camera to zoom-in on candidate targets.
  • SkyPatriot Sector180/Sector360 systems build on the base SkyPatriot Sector setup but extends it to monitor 180° or 360° of coverage using multiple integrated detection cameras.
  • SkyPatriot Hunter works on the same principle of combining a detection camera with a scrutinising PTZ camera but is enhanced by exploiting detection inputs from radar or RF tracking systems to direct the sector detection camera.
  • SkyPatriot InSight supplements these systems by introducing a powerful AI-derived classification module, which incorporates an extensive catalogue of UAV signatures that can be used to identify specific drone types.

SkyPatriot Sector 30

  • Automatic detection of multiple drones, tracked simultaneously
  • Long Range detection distances of several kilometres
  • Reliable 98% detection, tracking and classification accuracy
  • Evidence such as video, images and telemetry data is continuously recorded

SkyPatriot Sector is our entry-level optical drone detection system. It incorporates a high-resolution detection camera operating in combination with a 360° PTZ camera. The detection camera continuously scans for objects within a preset field of view while the PTZ camera zooms-in on candidate targets for closer image analysis and tracking. The system will detect and track multiple drones simultaneously, ignoring non-threats such as birds, and log all drone activity for later evaluation. The Sector system is modular and its detection field of view customiseable, allowing it to be easily upgraded to cover multiple sectors, and can be integrated with our SkyPatriot InSight drone classifier.

SkyPatriot Hunter

  • Automatic detection of multiple drones, tracked simultaneously
  • Long Range detection distances of several kilometers
  • Reliable 98% detection, tracking and classification accuracy
  • Evidence such as video, images and telemetry data is continuously recorded
  • Modular design ensures easy customization and integrated coverage of multiple sectors

SkyPatriot Hunter enhances successful optical drone detection system by enabling integration with radar or RF tracking systems. The Hunter system integrates high resolution detection cameras with a 360° PTZ camera, as similar to the SkyPatriot Sector, but with all cameras mounted on a rotating 360° pan/tilt head. An external radar or RF detector feeds coordinate data to the Hunter system, helping to direct the detection camera’s field of view toward the sector of interest. The PTZ camera is used to zoom-in on the selected target for image pattern analysis and tracking. The SkyPatriot Hunter system also includes the SkyPatriot InSight drone classification module as standard.

SkyPatriot Sector180/Sector360

SkyPatriot Sector180 incorporates the same fundamental elements as the base Sector system; a high resolution detection camera working in combination with a PTZ tracking camera. However, for the Sector180, rather than a single detection camera covering a single sector, an array of detection cameras are tightly integrated to provide full 180° coverage. Thus, for the 180° implementation six detection cameras operate in combination with a PTZ tracking camera. In a similar way the Sector360 version integrates twelve detection cameras, but with two tracking cameras. Both systems also includes the InSight drone classifier module as standard.

SkyPatriot InSight

Drone classification module

SkyPatriot InSight is a powerful AI drone classification module. It functions in combination with an optical drone detection system; taking captured images as its input and analysing them to classify the drone type (eg DJI Phantom 4 or Parrot Anafi). The module draws on an extensive database of known UAV/drone device signatures derived from its core artificial intelligence vision algorithms. InSight can be connected to SkyPatriot optical drone detection systems or third-party optical detection systems thereby enabling a wide user base to leverage the accumulated knowledge gathered from its AI-evolved database development.

Proprietary AI-powered Software

Integration with other technologies such as RF and radar available

SkyPatriot systems employ powerful AI video analytic algorithms to accurately distinguish between drones and other objects such as birds, clouds, and even tree branches moving in the wind. This classification process for non-drone objects takes less than a second; substantially reducing the chance of false alarms.

SkyPatriot’s smart AI technology not only detects and tracks drones, it also applies Machine Learning to the image recognition process so that the specific type/make/model of drone can be identified. This gives SkyPatriot operators another layer of information for evidence-based decision making.

Skypatriot UAV Classification (HD camera 1080p)

Drone Defence Applications

SkyPatriot systems are designed to alert users when a drone has entered into the monitored airspace. The system has many commercial and defence applications, for example airports, prisons, and critical infrastructure assets such as power plants and transportation hubs.

Skypatriot UAV Detection and Identification (HD camera 1080p)

The SkyPatriot system is scalable for larger drone protection sites. Multiple entities of SkyPatriot systems can be combined to create a unified detection system that integrates all areas of coverage.


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