Network Video Management System

A part of the FLIR United VMS 9.0 family, Latitude is the preferred enterprise-level IP surveillance system with forensic-quality imaging and user-friendly operations. Using the latest technology, FLIR Latitude is a powerful and versatile network VMS featuring enhanced cyber security, edge device integration, and global administration. The scalable architecture efficiently supports systems of any size and can be implemented throughout an enterprise spanning multiple sites, cities, and continents.


Enterprise-Grade NVR

A part of the United VMS 9.0 family, the Horizon NVR delivers best-in-class performance, stability, and unique price positioning for video installations of up to 180 cameras. Horizon is the ideal high-performance video surveillance choice for securing small-to-medium sized businesses with independent or multiple sites. Feature-rich, highly scalable, and third party-compliant with an open standard, Horizon offers unsurpassed value for installations, including retail, offices, small to mid-size manufacturing facilities, warehouses, educational institutions, and more. Set-up is exceptionally simple. Operator training is not required. Users can view cameras and review recordings on dedicated workstations through a powerful EZ Client web interface from connected PCs.


Enterprise-grade compact NVR with built-in POE for small enterprises

A part of the FLIR United VMS 9.0 family, Meridian is a compact, all-in-one network video recorder (NVR) that provides a convenient plug-and-play video surveillance system perfect for small security installations with 8, 16, or 24 cameras using the FLIR USS Edge Appliance. This out-of-the box system features United VMS EZ Client web interface and other viewing capabilities that will save the cost of additional workstations.

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