Hygiene Station and Hygiene Standee with Face Recognition and Temperature Detection can provide you all the necessary features to reduce your risk of Virus.

Each model has an auto hand sanitizer dispenser, face recognition, and non-contact temperature detection.

Many organizations implement temperature testing for their visitors and employees, but it takes a lot of time. Companies should also hire personnel to operate with a thermometer and provide protective gear to keep them safe. Hygiene Station and Hygiene Standee allow non-contact and fast temperature measurements.

Through face recognition, it is possible to accurately determine that the measured temperature belongs to the person who has been authenticated. Photos of people who have an abnormal body temperature that exceeds the specified limit are automatically sent to the database with reference to the date, time, and temperature.

Voice message alerts for unsuccessful entry if a person has an elevated temperature or does not use the mask. Access will be denied for a person with abnormal temperature. In the second case, the system will suggest putting the mask on a face. And after that system will allow entry. Alert sounds at the station and the connected PC for remote management.

Practicing good personal hygiene helps to limit the spread of germs. Everybody knows that hand sanitizing and wearing a face mask are the most common and simple preventive measures during a virus. So, there are side compartments on the Hygiene Station’s left and right for consumables: tissues, gloves, masks. The auto hand sanitizer dispenser is easy to use and has an efficient consumption of antiseptic.

Space-saving and clean design allow you to install the station anywhere without additional mounting. Suitable for installation in public spaces with high traffic: offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Welcome the Hygiene Station and Hygiene Standee with Face Recognition and Temperature Detection to protect yourself and others during a virus.

For more information, please visit Face Recognition.

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