Olvitech Corporation, a leading international high-technology group, announces the strategic collaboration with ‘Mivtzar Technologies’, a groundbreaking company that operates in the field of Command & Control System and services. This partnership is formed to provide customers with more sophisticated, state-of-the-art, and cost effective solutions & services, and unlock new opportunities on the surveillance market, especially within the EMEA region.

Both Olvitech Corporation and Mivtzar experience the growing interest in multiple analytics solutions that provides options for superior security, using the already existing infrastructure.

Mivtzar has developed a highly sophisticated analytics system (‘SpinderNet‘) that would upgrade any existing security system. The ‘Spidernet’ system was successfully deployed in the Beijing Olympic Games (2008), and proved to be highly effective, operational friendly system. Backed by this Olympics great success, Mivtzar further developed and enhanced the system and analytics engines since. Also, the analytics system by Mivtzar is widely used in Russia and CIS countries. It protects the sites of different importance. During the last 5 years, the system has proven not only as stable but also as cost-effective. The system is currently backed by one of the largest Command & Control Centers in the Israel with more than 20 years of experience.

‘SpiderNet’ system is a highly scalable, open architecture video analytics software platform, which allows upgrading any existing security system by adding advanced analytics while using the existing infrastructure. The ‘SpiderNet’ system allows setting up to 16 different analytical rules and parameters for each specific camera (while all rules are working simultaneously). ‘SpiderNet’ system ensures accurate and reliable classification of objects in any complex conditions and operates with an extremely low false alarm rate. The system provides fast implementation and easy calibration without time-consuming unnecessary setup. Thanks to its flexibility, SpiderNet allows to enhance any existing system, expand its options, and build a new efficient security system in the shortest time possible.

The partnership will allow both companies to create new opportunities for growth and provide high quality services to customers. This is possible, thanks to Olvitech’s worldwide extensive experience in supplying and integrating security solutions, and Mivtzar’s reliable and stable system. The companies are excited about the many advantages that such partnership can offer to the EMEA region customers.

For more information about ‘SpiderNet’ system, please visit Video Analytics SpiderNet.

About Olvitech Corporation

Olvitech Corporation is a leading international high-technology group with three core businesses: Security, Video, and Networks.

Olvitech Corporation operates in Europe, Russia, and CIS through partners and its facilities in Russia, CIS, Israel, and Europe. Through this global presence we enhance our efficiency and performance while building industrial and commercial relations with the leading prime contractors and operators. Our regional businesses, staffed by experts who understand the unique needs of their specific markets, reflects our commitment to delivering fast and efficient local service to customers.

About MIVTZAR Technologies

MIVTZAR Technologies has been operating and specializing for over 30 years in providing solutions in the field of protection and control. The company provides integrated solutions between software and control systems and several electronic components from the field of security. The company’s center is located in ISRAEL as a national command and control center that integrates software, control, monitoring and security systems. The center has capabilities for monitoring performance, operating remote systems, operating and analyzing faults, receiving various and varied indications and operating patrol teams and security services.

MIVTZAR Technologies is a leading and groundbreaking company in the field of two-way, secure, secure call center services. The combination of technological knowledge, human resources and advanced software solutions has created a security solution that makes the passive cameras in the organization a significant part of the active security system.

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