Safecity Cheboksary

Olvitech SVN Group delivered a High-End video surveillance system in the Chuvash Republic

Olvitech SVN Group delivered a High-End video surveillance system for the “System of public order and security in Cheboksary area” Safe City Project” in the Chuvash Republic.

Olvitech SVN Group, together with its local partner OOO PKF Stroytech, has successfully completed the installation and commissioning of video surveillance and video analytics systems, which comprise the bulk of the project that helps the administration to maintain public order and provide increased security in the Cheboksary region of the Chuvash Republic.

TV START Selects ATEME Kyrion Solution

Russian Sports Broadcaster TV START Selects ATEME Kyrion Solution for its Mobile Television Fleet

PARIS, DENVER, SINGAPORE, São Paulo, June 27, 2017 – ATEME today announced that the Russian sports broadcasting company TV Start, which specializes in the live broadcast of various sporting events, has deployed a system based on ATEME products – Kyrion coders and decoders for update their mobile TV devices.

Based on the fifth generation of the ATEME stream compression engine, the Kyrion encoder and decoder provides superior quality baseband video at a minimum bitrate. This solution was developed for broadcasting over satellite and IP networks, with additional cost functions such as ultra-fast downloads, ultra-low latency, built-in monitor, audio volume control, ABR output and DVB-S / DGNG / S2 / support S2X. All these features make Kyrion ATEME an ideal solution for football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other live sports events.