Olvitech Corporation delivered a High-End video surveillance system in the Chuvash Republic

Olvitech Corporation delivered a High-End video surveillance system for the “System of public order and security in Cheboksary area” Safe City Project” in the Chuvash Republic.

Olvitech Corporation, together with its local partner OOO PKF Stroytech, has successfully completed the installation and commissioning of video surveillance and video analytics systems, which comprise the bulk of the project that helps the administration to maintain public order and provide increased security in the Cheboksary region of the Chuvash Republic.

The main objective of the project was to ensure the safety of city’s residents from unlawful assaults (including terrorist threats), improving the citizens’ security in public places, as well as securing entities of varying degree of importance, and dramatically enhancing the law enforcement effectiveness by optimizing the command and control application, and providing real-time high-quality video footage of the protected areas.

The System’s Centralized topology manages  all edge devices from a singular monitoring and operational center. FLIR Latitude VMS (“Latitude”) acts as the main Command and Control center, allowing the operation, control, recording and manipulating of the distributed CCTV network subsystem comprising of several dozens of megapixel Quasar HD cameras and 3rd party cameras installed around the city. The Latitude State-Of-The-Art centralized Command and Control VMS allows real time processing, controlling and analyzing video streams while utilizing world leading IOI Video Analytics.

“We have firmly decided on choosing FLIR equipment for numerous motives. The Quasar line of HD cameras are easy to use, resilient and provide guaranteed high quality video at low bandwidth; Open platform VMS (“Latitude”) allows maximum flexibility for using existing legacy equipment and third-party rapid integration of the various IP based subsystems which are integral part of Safe City Project. The Latitude Platform aggregate all those Sub-Systems into one Control Center application, and provide the operator with a common operational picture.

“One of the project’s major technical challenges was to insure the continuous expansion and improvement of the Safe-City capabilities in the years to come, and to make sure we are always one step ahead of probable threats, and allowing building additional capabilities using the latest hardware and software. By selecting FLIR Latitude VMS Command & Control HLS open platform as the Safe-City core application for monitoring to management, we are feasible to unlimited expansion options, allowing the continuous reliable project’s  expansion” said Alexander Timofeev, Director of” PKF “STROYTECH.”

“The Safe-City development project in the region is undoubtedly a huge potential for our company. We possess in our technological arsenal the latest Safe-City oriented equipment and the most advanced HLS solutions which can reliably execute such projects in a professional and cost effective manner. Our powerful Moscow based technical support center provides professional pre and post-sale high level support to our partners and customers anywhere in Russia and abroad. We shall continue supporting the successful partnership with the “PKF” STROYTECH “in the Cheboksary Safe-City project and others to come,” said Elya Presman – Director Olvitech Corporation.

About Olvitech Corporation

Olvitech is an international high-technology group with three core businesses: Security, Video and Networks.

The Olvitech operates in Russia & CIS, through offices and facilities in Russia, CIS, Israel and Europe. Through this global presence we enhance our efficiency and performance, while building industrial and commercial relations with the leading prime contractors and operators. Our regional businesses, staffed by experts who understand the unique needs of their specific markets, reflects our commitment to delivering fast and efficient local service to customers.


Russian Production and Commercial Company ” STROYTECH ” engaged in industrial construction work on the preparation and construction of facilities, demolition of buildings, communications, and installation of video surveillance systems. The company is part of the group of companies “Ortiz.” “PKF” STROYTECH ” successfully implemented hundreds of public and private projects.

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