Compact Multi-Sensor System


FIREFLY 500 is a compact multi-sensor system designed for perimeter security using medium-range radar, automatic target classification, one panoramic picture of 4X HD Low Light cameras, and an option for thermal PTZ camera.
Objects detected by the Radar, or Video Analysis are transmitted to the command and control center or can be locally recorded on the system for future extraction.
Using ONVIF protocol the FIREFLY 500 can be easily installed and integrated with any kind of C4I system for video storage and remote control.


  • 4x2MP Low Light Cameras for observation capability
  • Medium range staring radar
  • Internal recording
  • Remotely controlled
  • Multiple communication methods (LAN, Wi-Fi, Cellular, UHF)
  • Easily integrated with C4I Systems
  • Designed for unattended use
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Onvif Protocol


  • Onboard VMD
  • Deep Learning Classification
  • Fusion between the Radar and the Optics
  • Thermal PTZ Imager
  • Wireless communication
  • External batteries


  • Provides superb tactical solution for perimeter security
  • Wide area of coverage for effective defense and intelligence
  • Designed to assimilate in the landscape
  • Lightweight robust system design to meet any whether conditions
  • Easy Integration, easy operation
  • No infrastructure required


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