Medium to Long Range Multi-Sensor PTZ Observation System


BEE5 Family is a powerful day and night, multi-sensors observation system specially designed for HLS and security applications. The BEE – 5 allows its users excellent long range detection and observation capabilities using state of the art thermal imaging and HD day camera based on CMOS Technology. BEE 5 is the ideal system for a wide range of security  applications The system is ruggedized and designed to operate at harshest environmental and all weather conditions.


  • Dual Cameras (day/night) observation capability with Unique Image processing
  • Up to 16KM Detection, 8KM Recognition (human)
  • Easily integrated with C4I Systems
  • Motorized, and autofocus lenses
  • Standard ONVIF Profile S


  • Stabilized platform
  • Video analytics on edge
  • GPS
  • Laser Range Finder


  • Superb 24/7 night and day surveillance capability
  • Mission proved
  • Modularity
  • Cost effective
  • Innovative Features
  • Advanced Optics
  • Rugged Design certified to IP66 and harsh environment conditions
  • Simple Installation
  • Tailor made


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