The compact 4-channel portable video transmission and on-board recording module Piccolo P-400 is designed to provide video /audio and location streaming from the cameras via a cellular and WI-FI networks and it has built-in WI-FI for automatic recording sync. Any analogue PAL/NTSC camera can be connected to the unit.

P-400Perfect for a moving vehicle applications and CCTV for construction sites.

  • Up to 4 analog video input PAL/NTSC
  • Built-in 3GSM module (HSPA/3G/4G/EDGE/GPRS)
  • Built-n GPS / GLONASS built-in Visual Motion Detection (VMD) Build in WiFi module
  • Metal case
  • H.264 Dual Encoding (Steaming/Recording)
  • Video Resolution: CIF/D1
  • Video Bit Rate: 10kbit/s-2Mbit/s
  • Frame Rate: up to 25/30 FPS
  • DSP based video codec

Technical Specification

Video inputs (channels) 4  BNC
Cellular Module Build-in HSPA/ 3G/ EDGE/ GPRS
WiFi build-in   802.11 b/g/n
GPS tracking map recording/ GPS alarms/ speed tracking/ satellite and coordinates information
Camera connection Analogue PAL/NTSC
Audio:  two way VOIP (Audio In/Out streaming)
Video compression CODEC (H.264/ .FLV)
Dual Video Encoders
Recording Micro SD card, remotely on the server, or from any location using PSM suite monitoring clients
Visual Motion Detection
GPIO 8 built-in GPIO ports (4 Input Sensors/ 4 Output Switches) for external peripheral devices
PTZ control RS-485 ports (T+/ T-) , Pelco D protocol
SMS alerts triggers by VMD and GPIO/ Alarm Button
Automatic Bandwidth Control
Alarm button May be set to trigger a variety of actions such as: video streaming, recording and others
Device recording on micro SD up to a 32GB Micro SD card (SDHC) slot
Built-in memory storage 128MB
Battery: built-in 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery for 4.5 hours of operation
Encryption capabilities: secure data transfer encryption between the unit, server and any clients in the network, encrypted recorded files
Low power 5V DC, 500mA √  800mA
LAN interface and Ethernet cable
Phone / PDA clients: iPhone, Android
Dimensions (cm) 9x15x3 cm
Weigh (g) 300g
Operational conditions  -10C – +60C


LTE (4G): Built-in LTE module (4G)  additionally to built-in GSM module (HSPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS) +
Built-in WIFI module: 802.11 b/g/n WEP/WPA2
HD : 1 analog Video HDMI Input –  (HDMI Interface) instead of 1 analog video input PAL/NTSC
Ruggedized Metal case (IP-65): Extended Battery Life of 10 streaming hours
IPSEC : Security Encryption RSA 1024bit +
Remote Control power switch 50-100 m +
Spare Battery for Replacement  (for non-Ruggedized models) +
Short GSM antenna :6см +
Embedded GSM antenna: Internal GSM antenna inside the Piccolo enclosure (for non-Ruggedized models) +
Clips pouch for belt/west carrying +
Vest +

System Monitoring Suite

PSM - Piccolo Server Management
PSM – System Monitoring Suite

The Piccolo Management Software architecture supports hundreds units and multiple clients, allows continues and reliable transmission without overloading the network, while supporting numerous on-field units.

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