Body worn system is designed for streaming in low network bandwidth. It allows to record and stream full HD video / audio and location data in live mode and to monitor video/ audio and view location including alarms, cameras and Piccolo devices on maps.

150Built-in CMOS HD (1080P) camera, alarm button and much more supported by cradle for recharging and synchronized (recording) with the server. The unit has built-in WI-FI for wireless communication and synchronization.

  • Pefect for Body-Worn Cellular Video Transmission
  • Built-in full HD CMOS camera or 1 external video input PAL/NTSC
  • RCA video input port for additional camera
  • Devices support two way VOIP (Audio In/Out streaming)
  • P-120 unit is designed for body warn and provides prompt transmission via GSM or Wi-Fi video data


Key Features

  • P-120 WHITE.jpg4G device
  • IP-65 Plastic case
  • Built-in full HD CMOS camera or 1 external video input PAL/NTSC
  • Handheld, small form factor
  • Real embedded system (design for cellular network)
  • Live video/audio/location streaming (very low latency)
  • Dual encoding (recording and streaming) up to full HD 1080p
  • Micro SD slot for local recording (up to 128g)
  • Optional Encryption (AES-256+ RSA 1024)
  • High performance DSP based CODEC (H.264)
  • 1 video over IP
  • 2 way audio over IP
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Built-in WIFI
  • Built-in Bluetooth for configuration and short range video setup
  • Built-in accelerometer/compass/Gyro (optionally man down)
  • Vibration for user event acknowledge
  • SMS send according to events
  • Removable rechargeable lithium battery (3000Ma/)
  • Cradle for unit/battery charging and LAN synchronization
  • Low power 0.8Amp while streaming (5v)
  • Web streaming using flash client
  • Permission capability for different access level
  • Upgrade firmware on the fly
  • Monitoring video/voice and location over map
  • Tracking location history over map
  • Button for start recording/streaming/idle
  • Button for snapshot
  • Support iPhone and Android phone clients

System Monitoring Suite

PSM - Piccolo Server Management
PSM – System Monitoring Suite

The Piccolo Management Software architecture supports hundreds units and multiple clients, allows continues and reliable transmission without overloading the network, while supporting numerous on-field units.

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