Piccolo is a mobile video surveillance solution for the HLS and monitoring remote areas; serves as a tactical device for agencies and administrations require mobile multimedia surveillance and monitoring solutions, with location services for low enforcement, Safe Cities and VsaaS applications.

Body Warn

Piccolo P-120

GSM Piccolo P-120

  • Body-Worn Cellular Video Transmission
  • Built-in camera
  • RCA video input port for additional camera
  • Devices support two way VOIP (Audio In/Out streaming)
  • P-120 unit is designed for body warn and provides prompt transmission via GSM or Wi-Fi video data

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Fleet Management

Piccolo P-100


Drones and Aviation

System Monitoring Suite

The Piccolo Management Software architecture supports hundreds units and multiple clients, allows continues and reliable transmission without overloading the network, while supporting numerous on-field units.