The COGITO4M core technology emulates an investigator’s Modus Operandi by Brochure picincorporating “soft decision-making” algorithms such as “Neural Networks” and “Fuzzy Logic”. The technical solution is comprised of a front-end, the ‘Test Station’, and a back-office where multiple-station and multiple-site data is stored, managed and distributed.

COGITO4M is an enterprise scale mobile automated interviewing and interrogation system. It allows screening and investigation of many employees, travelers or suspect at crime scene. System operation is easy and convenient. It allows throughput of 6 people an hour per station. Light COGITO is addresses small medium investigation companies which are looking for “automated Polygraph” with simple operation and no need for special training.

  • The Cogito System automatically presents a set of questions both visually (on screen) and aurally
  • Multilingual support
  • Sensors connected to an examinee’s palm measure uncontrollable psycho physical reactions
  • Reactions are analyzed by artificial intelligence software and then compared to the System’s self learning database
  • The Cogito system provides a final decision after five minutes:
    • Suspect or Non- Suspect
    • Directions for further investigation

COGITO4M Brochure


Federal authorities

COGITO4M presents a significant conceptual breakthrough that can assist international aviation and homeland security authorities in responding to increasingly sophisticated means of international terrorism. This concept is based on several well-established paradigms and assumptions.

  • Real time intelligence gathering and suspect interrogation in combat zones
  • Police
  • Federal Customs Service
  • Immigration agencies
  • Prisons and Detention Center
  • Border control
  • Special services

Commercial and privet organizations 

Filtering, screening and investigation of pre/post employment.

  • 5-7 minutes per test &  immediate final decision.
  • Directions for further investigation

COGITO4M tests employees using company requirements to complete Pre/Post employment person reliability and to recognize the intent in advance. Tests which vary dependent on staff descriptions and recognize potential risks.

  • Reliability test
  • Check for honesty in employment
  • Future intent and history event
  • Check visitors and contractors in restricted areas
  • Prevention and detection of damage to internal threats corporations, financial institutions, diamond mines, and so on

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