Olvitech Corporation offers Advanced Digital Video & Media systems that enable network, broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV operators and professional audio/video markets to offer video, audio and data services to their subscribers.

Such systems can be easily installed in any networks and offer users advanced digital video services with minimal latency, integrated security and highest availability.

Olvitech markets and supports products that provide:

  • Media Content Analysis
  • Contribution of video and audio
  • Distribution of video and audio
  • OTT: multi-screen delivery of live channels and VOD
  • Digital News Gathering
  • Test and Measurement equipment
  • Video and Traffic monitoring
  • Optimized video delivery over private and the public Internet
  • Carry live HD video over long distances
  • Error Correction for recovering 100% of packet loss
  • Adaptive Buffering Algorithm compensating for packet jitter
  • Virtual Private Network tunneling

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