Fight pandemic with Corsight Face-Recognition

We can write a lot about the unique capabilities and requirements of face recognition systems in different areas of our life, but in this article, we would like to focus on a specific use-case that has been challenged to us by several of our customers.

Countries worldwide need to adopt a new “Virus Era” type of economy, new social regulations, and personal and community behaviors. This process is a learning curve, which aims to accommodate several factors to gain higher infection prevention vs. ease of social distancing. As the Virus behavior, in general, is still an enigma (i.e., the risk of a second outbreak cannot be ruled out), administrations should take calculated measures, which goes on the fine line between large-scale morbidity vs. re-opening the markets and recovering the local economy.

Such measures, as planned to be imposed, for example, is Israel (who managed to flatten the curve, and reduce the positive cases dramatically, thanks for stringent temporary regulation), is the outcome of brainstorming between the countries leading medical leadership and the economical one.

Hence, as part of the new Virus Era, business and facilities shall be required to identify fever temperatures in suspected Virus patients.

Among the measures imposed, is a streaked registration of each visitor to any store in the public domain. The goal is that if it is discovered that a verified Virus patient has visited the store a few days before, it will be possible to know the time and to map the potential irruption. Currently, there is no means of performing this registration, apart from manual registration by the store workers.

According to the new regulation, even a small shop with only a couple of sellers will have to assign one of them to do the registration process. Several coutries already announced that there would be no exemption for any business in this matter. A company that cannot meet this requirement will remain closed.

The challenge in such a scenario is triple:

  • How to effectively manage such a task without causing a queue which will ultimately make the customer leave the shop?
  • How to effectively serve the customers that are actually in the shop, if one of the employees is obliged to make the registration?
  • How to register the customers correctly and without mistakes, even with a facemask on.

It is clear that in order to meet those challenges successfully, the most effective way would be to automatize the process and to apply unique face recognition technology.

Autonomous AI Face Recognition system can easily recognize people wearing facemasks

Many countries will surely adopt this regulation as a prevention measure and management tool in case of aggravation in the situation. Such scenarios are the best bedding pillow for bringing the most advanced technology to assist with the medical, worldwide pandemic.

The Autonomous Face Recognition algorithm by Corsight, reliably and efficiently perform the tasks of identification, recognition, and registration of customers entering a shop, even if they have a facemask on.

With over 98% recognition accuracy in any scenario, the Corsight Face Recognition SW shall identify, recognize, and register the specific person, including all required terms (e.g., date/time of entrance, etc.). The registration can be either in the store local storage or centralized storage operated by the MoH or Ministry of home affairs.

Corsight prodigious capabilities allows recognition in almost any condition, from almost total darkness (i.e., < 3 lumen), to remarkable detection angels (i.e., Front – ±90°, Elevation – ±45°), and ease of enrollment of new persons. All these positions Corsight as the best Face Recognition algorithm in the HLS domain and now as a leading solution for assisting in fighting the virus.

Note: different countries impose different “Privacy” regulation, which might prevent from storing the person’s picture. Corsight manages this regulation perfectly as the detection process does not require storing one’s image, but only recognition and registration of one’s name.

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