Anyone can become a criminal’s target. It’s much more cost-effective to prevent the problems than address the consequences of vandalism and theft. Everyone needs to stop and take time to think about the security measures, which can stop unwarranted and unwanted money loss. The right security system is one of the best ways to be proactive and take steps to protect your business better. Today, many business owners choose AI-based security systems with Deep Learning.

Intrusion and Loitering Detection

One of the latest emerging technologies used to prevent vandalism and theft is Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Analytics. AI plays a vital role in Detecting Intrusions. Standard intrusion detection systems provide monitoring and identifying objects based on movement, size, and location, but they do not recognize the type of objects and other forensic related aspects. Deep Learning often provides better solutions than traditional algorithms. The most technologically-advanced Intrusion Detection AI-based Systems can recognize different object types. It reduces the false positive rate and provides a high level of monitoring efficiency.

HD camera with integrated ioi analytics and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Analytics up to 150 meters Loitering at Night
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Loitering Detection is the next important AI-based feature that can be used to receive alerts on suspicious activity outside. Users can customize the loitering time and region of interest, configure real-time trigger alerts for persons loitering/staying in a given area or strategic location for over a pre-defined period. With today’s enhanced VMS performance, advanced systems have the option to send trigger actions to 3rd-party systems in reaction to receiving an alert of loitering and/or intrusion detection, e.g., a reliable face-recognition engine who thanks to the unique algorithm can identify the suspect in the sub-second period. These systems can send information on real-time about suspicious persons or incidents in the point of interest to the authorities.

Video Clarification based on Radar detection Find More

Face Recognition

Face Recognition systems can identify person/that may be of interest from pre-configured lists. Also, users can upload images of faces or plates not in the lists and search for them in recording and set up an alert when a suspicious person is detected at the perimeter of your facilities. These measures help to prevent vandalism or theft and assist in forensic tasks. Modern technologies make it possible to use common simple cameras with server-based AI and Deep Learning software, without the need to install special cameras.

The most important abilities of AI-based Security Solutions are high accuracy and reliability, easy integration with 3rd-party systems, support ONVIF IP cameras including infrared and thermal ones (for Intrusion detection), send alerts to multiple VMSs and email notifications to security staff and police departments, fast analysis of the video streams.

Corsight (by Cortica) recognizing people with masks. Read more

AI-based security system with Deep Learning is one of the best ways to prevent theft and vandalism. Artificial Intelligence helps you to immediately identify and respond to potential threats and stop unwarranted and unwanted money loss.

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