The latest FLIR security products offer multiple lens options for long- and short-range needs to enable accurate perimeter protection of critical infrastructure, remote facilities, and in urban city environments, day or night.

Given the enhanced security requirements of critical infrastructure sites such as utility substations and transportation centers, the latest FLIR cameras featuring both thermal imaging and 4K high-resolution sensors, Saros Series, deliver superior perimeter security protection in nearly all weather and light conditions. The Saros DM-Series provides shorter viewing range capabilities in a weatherized housing. The series offer eight lens options to enable tailoring for the customer application and environment.


Multispectral PTZ Thermal Camera |DM-392


Multi-Spectral Intrusion Solution | DH-390 Dome

Quasar 4K IR PTZ

For the growing metropolitan city safety and security market, the Quasar 4K IR PTZ delivers high-resolution visible video quality with excellent low light capabilities to give operators high-fidelity monitoring in large and crowded coverage areas.

Latitude VMS

All new FLIR security cameras provide a comprehensive end-to-end experience with seamless integration to FLIR Systems’ video management system (VMS) platform, United VMS, or can serve as a complementary solution integrated with other major VMS platforms.

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