Retail:Customer Service and Point of Sales

The HyperMic is carefully planned to support Customer Service and Point of Sale with a High Level of Quality.

The HyperMic system provides an accurate assessment tool of your Customer Service team by targeting and analyzing real-time or off-line communication with your clients. Audio recordings can be an essential source of information for:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer outflow
  • Quality of service
  • Data about competition
  • The performance and effectiveness of sales agents
  • Support representatives

Targeted, Steerable Audio Surveillance

HyperMic system provides source specific Audio-Scoping onto any point or Person, stationary or moving, in a coverage area during any period of time, past or present.

The HyperMic™ system, including udio & Video recording, enables post-facto audio-scoping onto any subject appearing in the recorded Video (On-Line & Off-Line investigation).

Assembled With a Fixed Array of  Omni-directional Mics, Camera(s) and Embedded Processing​Mic Array With Aggregated Coverage of 360° & Overlap Coverage Areas

Crashing through the sound Capture Barrier

A HyperMic Sentinel unit can optically track each of a set of multiple people, or any selected sound sources (e.g. Targeted People talking in crowd), estimate a relative direction to each person or source of interest and concurrently steer a separate individually virtual directional microphone at each source of interest.

The output of each virtual directional microphone is a digital audio stream whose audio content is predominantly comprised of sounds arriving form the direction of the selected source.