International efforts to improve aviation security has been stepped up since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, which have had a profound impact on the aviation sector and led to a revaluation of aviation security measures at the international level. Under a growing threats worldwide airport authorities are using FLIR Security Solutions.

Repair and modernization of security systems in many airports, using a product line chosen by our specialists, gives a huge advantage to the object when protecting against external and internal risks.

Due to its flexibility and simultaneous transition from outdated analog equipment to the latest IP technologies, systems provide excellent management and installation of high-performance image equipment. Even for an already installed system, an outdated (but still working) cameras will be connected to the IP network using IP encoders. The combination of FLIR IP PTZ cameras, mini dome and fixed cameras, including innovative video encoders with embedded analytics, provide a single solution that includes a combination of network cameras, IP video surveillance systems, IP access control and integrated third-party solutions.


In addition, FLIR’s unique and powerful SceneTracker software can be deployed to stitch together several cameras for example in an immigration hall to show which areas of the hall are particularly busy, and in the Airside control area to give an overview of the Aircraft dock area. SceneTracker provides a real world, real-time perspective of multiple camera images in one integrated form. One SceneTracker installation will cover five cameras, for example, waiting to view the airport hall, while others will stitch four cameras along the border lines.

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