Targeted, Steerable Audio Surveillance

InSight Acoustics HyperMic™ system provides source specific Audio-Scoping onto any point or Person, stationary or moving, in a coverage area during any period of time, past or present.

The HyperMic™ system, including 4D Audio & Video recording, enables post-facto audio-scoping onto any subject appearing in the recorded Video (On-Line & Off-Line investigation).

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Real-Time & Forensic Audio-Scoping

4D Audio Beamformer Processing / Live Scene Capture

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Crashing through the sound Capture Barrier

InSight Acoustics HyperMic™ Technology uses a synergistic fusion of optical and acoustic array sensors (codename: HyperMic™ Sentinel) to provide a set of (1 till 100) optically guided virtual directional microphones.

A HyperMic™ Sentinel unit can optically track each of a set of multiple people, or any selected sound sources (e.g. Targeted People talking in crowd), estimate a relative direction to each person or source of interest and concurrently steer a separate individually virtual directional microphone at each source of interest.

The output of each virtual directional microphone is a digital audio stream whose audio content is predominantly comprised of sounds arriving form the direction of the selected source.

CrossBeam™ Technology

An extended version of the HyperMic™ Technology (AKA: CrossBeam™) utilizes two or more synchronized HyperMic™ Modules in order to direct multiple beam-formers from different direction towards the same sound source. CrossBeam™ digital audio stream outputs are time-aligned and cross-correlated to provide for an additional speech capture performance boost.

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Plug and Play

Assembled With a Fixed Array of  Omni-directional Mics, Camera(s) and Embedded Processing​Mic Array With Aggregated Coverage of 360° & Overlap Coverage Areas


HyperMic™ Applications


HyperMic™ – Performance Summary

Spatial filtering/ beamforming None Good Excellent
Digital-steering of beam None Slow Very fast
Acoustic target identification/tracking None Manual Computer vision based – accurate and robust
Concurrent multi-target acoustic acquisition None Low performance and prone to error High performance and robust
Noise reduction Based on noise model Spatial and model-based Spatial and model-based
Processing latency None Medium Low
Forensics audio inspection of recorded scene Very poor Very poor Full 4D audio scoping of any point in a recorded scene

Technical Specifications

Weight 300g (for a 60x60cm array) 70g
Size 60x60cm per array
(can be customized)
Power-supply Powered by processing unit <10w, with battery backup and POE
Connectivity Wifi, bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet

HyperMic™ – Models

Model Dimensions Directional Gain Effective Coverage Area @ 55 dBA
Sentinel 60 60cm x 60cm 15db 100m2
Sentinel 60S 60cm x 60cm 18db 200 m2
Sentinel 120 1.2m x 1.2m 22db 450m2
Sentinel X Custom Configuration Scalable Scalable to 750m2

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