Actus4 Platform

The Best Broadcast Media Recording & Encoding System


Actus4 is an advanced Video/Audio Recording platform that lets you record from any number of sources 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The system can capture video feeds and services from various sources, and serves as a base for Actus' advanced modules.

Record and Archive - HD/SD, Multiple Audio Streams per Channel & DVB Subtitles

Actus4 is a versatile system:



  • Ingest from baseband: Analog (Composite) or Digital (SDI) with multiple embedded audio channels
  • Ingest directly a transport stream: COAX (ASI) or IP Transport Stream
  • Record channels with Multiple Audio Streams per video Channel
  • Record multiple Subtitles (DVB)
  • Capture SD or HD sources
  • Unlimited retention period
  • Multi bit-rate support
  • Scheduled recording for optimal storage utilization

Web Application

Leveraging the latest web technologies, Actus has designed a modern user interface that is easy-to-use and fast to respond. The rock solid web application works on any browser, PC or Mac.

H.264 AVC Video

For optimal user experience, Actus4 encodes media using H.264 AVC codec.

Fit Your Own Needs: Modular & Scalable

Actus4 is modular, so you can buy only the modules you need and add other modules later. Actus4 is also highly scalable, whether you need more users or more channels - it grows with you.

Record Any Channel Anywhere In the World

There are no geographic limitations with Actus. Actus captures channels in remote locations and delivers the content as a local feed. Media is made available alongside all other content.

Rock Solid Reliability and Redundancy

All content is recorded on highly reliable RAID 5 disk arrays. In the rare event of a hardware failure, your content is still safe. For redundancy, Actus offers HAS (High Availability System) - it ensures complete backup and recovery.

IT-based Hardware Ensures Integration and Scalability

Actus4 is based on Windows Server, so it is easily integrated within common IT environments



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