Actus View

Actus View - For Broadcast Recording and Media Monitoring

Actus View is an enhanced video recording solution which offers capturing of any number of audio and video channels at any bitrate or frame-size, content archiving and extraction, bookmarks, annotation, transcoding and delivery management all in a single solution, accessible from any computer in the organization.
Actus View - For Broadcast Recording and Media Monitoring (Enlarge)


Actus View key features:

  • Ingest any type of feed: analog/digital SDI/DVB/IP (Transport Stream Capture Included) 
  • Full HD broadcasts support 
  • Multiple audio tracks support 
  • Support for multiple-language subtitle recording
  • Quick access and retrieval of recorded content 
  • Assign metadata to your content using bookmarks 
  • Quickly export clips to multiple destinations using a built-in transcoding engine with support for all industry standard file formats and frame sizes 
  • Powerful feed quality monitoring with logs 
  • Web application – no client software required! 
  • Intuitive playback controls include slow-motion progress, frame-by-frame, fast forward/rewind up to x64

Actus View can be used for:

  • Compliance recording and logging for regulatory requirements 
  • Enforcement of media regulation rules 
  • Domestic and foreign TV/Radio monitoring 
  • Corporate session archiving (i.e. courthouse, parliaments)


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Full Transport Stream: Complete support of raw transport streams (ASI/IP/DVB) logging, including recording multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles. Users can seamlessly export and stream MPEG TS or low-resolution proxies with the relevant audio and/or subtitles

Multiple Parallel Views: Actus View allows you to view up to 4 channels in parallel, whether in live mode or archived media

Bookmarks: Actus View allows you to bookmark important moments in your stored media, and retrieve them later when needed

Live View: Live View in Actus View gives you access to the what is currently broadcasted in the displayed channel

Stored media: In Actus View you can quickly display previously recorded media by simply defining the date and time of the requested video segment.

Quick Export: You can easily export media segments to multiple audio/video formats


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