Actus Rating Analyzer

Actus Rating Analyzer - Truly Understand Content-Rating Relationships

Actus Rating Analyzer provides a clear graphical view of all rating information, yours and competition, along with the actual broadcast media. The clear rating and demographic data display allows you to get an easy at-a-glance information from all numbers and charts received from the rating companies.
Actus Rating Analyzer - Truly Understand Content-Rating Relationships (Enlarge)

Compare and Analyze Your Ratings and the Competitors’

Actus Rating Analyzer enhances your rating analysis process by synchronizing actual media with your rating information. Visual details combined with robust viewer data gives much more information and lets you form better game-changing decisions.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Ratings

Rating information is presented as a colorized graph in sync with its actual media. There is no need for excel files or any other metadata forms. All the information you need is visualized right in front of you. Easy. Simple.

  • Colorized bars for each channel makes distinction between channels easy
  • Full media and viewer’s information at any point on the graph
  • Interactive graphical display syncs all players to any point you click

Compare Multiple Channels

Whether its competition follow-up or your own viewers’ watching trends you are after - Actus Rating Analyzer will make your work a breeze with its multi-screen rating display.

  • Multiple screens can display up to 6 streaming channels synchronized to the same moment
  • Multiple screens can display same-channel-different-date - excellent for trends follow up
  • User selectable time intervals for ratings view

Archive your Rating Too

The Actus Rating Analyzer not only shows you the information, but also retains it along with your media.

Share Critical Information with Key People

Actus Rating Analyzer is also an excellent presentation tool. Web-based technology means you can share your insights with your customers, content crew, marketing team, editors and management from anywhere.

Keeps Track of All Rating Details

Additional information that comes with the rating can be displayed in Actus Rating Analyzer: different viewers’ age group, different geographic locations, and even the rating information of two or more rating providers.

  • Highly flexible, you can easily switch between different demographic groups
  • Automatic assignment of bar patterns and color shades for easy follow up
  • Supports multiple group/channel display on the same graph


Actus Rating1    Actus Rating Advanced      

Rating Display: Rating Analyzer allows you to display rating data along with the actual broadcasted media, so you can better understand your and your competitors` rating statistics!

Advanced Rating Display: With Rating Analyzer`s "Advanced" mode, you can easily define various channels and time slots for comparison. Even compare rating data for the same content displayed at different times!



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