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Actus QualiTV - Remote Broadcast Verification & Monitoring

QualiTV allows you to monitor one or more remote capture locations, recording multiple channels at each location. You can monitor and manage them from afar, using a single, centralized user interface, greatly cutting manpower and operational costs involved in having a monitoring operation on every site.
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QualiTV also constantly monitors the health status of the recorded service providing you an additional layer of assurance knowing everything is being recorded as it should. Through the dashboard you are able to gain the confidence that the servers are up and running and that the recording services are working properly.

QualiTV is available with any input method – Analog, DVB, SDI or IP, and works great with any channel format (SD or HD) or aspect ratio.

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Actus QualiTV: Distributed Servers




ActusQualiTV-ServersList1 ActusQualiTV-AlertsScreen1 ActusQualiTV-DashboardView1 Actus QualiTV DVB Monitoring

  • Actus QualiTV: ServersList
  • Actus QualiTV: AlertsScreen
  • Actus QualiTV: Dashboard View
  • Actus QualiTV: DVB Monitoring

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