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Actus Clip Factory - Easy Post-Broadcast Repurposing

Actus Clip Factory is a powerful product capable of automating your video transcoding workflows, enhancing your media with metadata, whether it is broadcast TV, radio, CCTV, or any other video or audio source.

Actus Clip Factory - Easy Post-Broadcast Repurposing (Enlarge)


Digital Video Transcoding Made Easy

Clip Factory is the one-stop-shop solution helping you to automatically prepare content for a variety of new and emerging media platforms:  VOD, Catch-Up TV, WebTV and Mobile applications.

Clip Factory can automate your media content preparation, delivery and distribution workflows.

Clip Factory serves the entire value chain:

Record -> Extract ->Edit -> Transcode -> Deliver

Clip Factory offers the following and more:

  • Robust high-quality digital recording system
  • Powerful built-in transcoding engines supporting all industry standard formats and wrappers

  • Built-in automated media editing workflows from content extraction to multi-destinations exporting

  • Intuitive clip cutting controls for easy media repurposing and distribution

  • Enhance your content with customizable metadata

  • Full delivery and media management system 

  • Web application – no client software required!

Clip Factory is an alternative to various combinations of capture and encoding solutions, editing tools, transcoding solutions and delivery management – integration that is in most cases complicated and expensive.


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Clip Factory Export Preferences Mode: Save your clip in a network share, a remote FTP server, a YouTube account or simply in the system’s media catalog. Clip Factory will place your clips exactly where you wanted, and according to your desired preferences

Clip Factory Advanced Editing Mode (with metadata): With Clip Factory, you can enhance your clips with searchable metadata

Clip Factory Parts Management Mode: The clear graphical interface intuitively shows you the parts which will be kept and which will be removed, once the clip is exported to your desired destination


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