Actus AdWatch

Actus AdWatch - Automatic Content Detection & Ad Tracking

It is a flexible platform that enables advertising agencies, content producers, distributors and regulators to verify content airing according to plan - either on local channels or by affiliates located remotely.
Actus AdWatch - Automatic Content Detection & Ad Tracking (Enlarge)

Automated Content Detection for Television and Radio

AdWatch is the first system to automatically detect re-occurring media items such as ads, promos, election campaign ads and more across any Television and Radio broadcast - whether the channel is local or remote.

Reduce Your Operational cost for Content Detection

With automatic content detection, all you need to do is give the system a single reference - from that moment, content is automatically tracked on all channels.  Previously recorded media is scanned as well, ensuring no instances were missed.

Every instance is reported with high accuracy & reliability!

  • Simple-to-use, can be operated by a single person
  • Create fingerprints from external file or directly from broadcast
  • Accurate results, with accuracy level indicator and fine-tune capabilities
  • Visual proofing for all reports
  • Easily find missing ads, and quickly add them to your list or markers
  • Confirm airing by viewing the actual media  

Make Sure Ads You Paid For Are Broadcasted

AdWatch keeps track hundreds of ads running on an unlimited number of channels. Actus sends a real-time notification every time your commercial runs on any channel.

  • Simple-to-use reporting tools
  • Filter and publish reports according to any parameter

Monitor Ad Campaigns Locally or at Remote Locations

AdWatch can be implemented at a local site, monitoring channels in your own office. It can also monitor channels broadcasted at remote locations by you or your affiliates. 

  • Receive actual proofing and footage even from remote channels
  • Supports also “disconnected model” for full reliability even when bandwidth is not 100% guaranteed

The Ultimate Verification Tool for Everyone

AdWatch is the ideal solution for advertisers that require verification of purchased media, election monitoring, broadcasters' marketing and operations departments; research firms, academic institutes and media agencies. 



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  • View a fill list of your markers
  • View all your detections, and review them to ensure accuracy
  • Actus helps you find missing ads using a visual aid of the commercial blocks

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