Analytics Detections

Intrusion Detection 

 icon analytics 1

Automatically detects prohibited movement scenarios 
  • Regional Entrance detection
  • Tripwire detection
  • Fence trespassing detection

More Video about Intrusion:


intrusion det






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Alarms when an item is deposited in a controlled area
  • Ignores items attended by a nearby person
  • Detects disguised objects

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 Object Removal Detection

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Detects the removal of stationary objects
  • Delayed alarm notification for object retrieval

 More Video about Object Removal:


ioi-object missing



 Autonomous PTZ Tracking

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Independently tracks and visually relays moving targets
  • Self-directed vision-guided tracking
  • PTZ synchronized hand-of

More Video about PTZ Tracking:





 Stopped Vehicle Detection

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Detects vehicles stopped in a controlled area
  • Immediate or delayed alarm notification

stop viechle



 Loitering Detection

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Detects when a person remains in an area for a prolonged period of  time  
  • Adjustable alert time for different scenarios





Camera Tampering Detection

icon analytics 7

Provides an alarm when camera operation is disrupted due to
  • No video signal
  • Bad video signal
  • Camera position shift
  • Low Visibility




 Environmental Challenges


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