Railways & Bus Stations


bus stationsWhen it comes to security, the Railway network has become a critical component. Now more than ever, it enables Railways companies to tie their security solutions together with their network infrastructure (hundreds of railways kilometers,  train stations, sheds and warehouses) to take advantage of most of the benefits a network-based solution has to offer. That includes the ability to integrate security with day-to-day functions, such as risk management, human resources, asset management and IT operations. Specific to physical security and surveillance systems, a network-based solution affords access to real-time video from anywhere, the ability to archive images and data in a central location, and keep ongoing tabs on devices to identify potential problems, such as power failure to a camera.

Renovations and upgrades at many railways including the DVTel platform due to its industry-leading flexibility in simultaneously transitioning legacy analogue equipment and accommodating the latest IP technology, making it highly cost competitive while delivering superior management and camera image performance. For the already-installed system, legacy cameras are connected to the IP network using encoder technology. A mix of DVTel IP PTZ domes, Mini Domes, and Fixed Cameras, including innovative video analytics, providing a unified solution that includes a combination of network cameras, IP video surveillance, IP access control and integrated third-party solutions.

In addition, DVTel’s unique and powerful SceneTracker software can be deployed to stitch together multiple cameras in both the Immigration area, to show which areas are particularly busy, and in the Airside control area to give an overall view of the Aircraft docking area. SceneTracker provides a real-world, real-time perspective of multiple camera images in a single integrated view. One SceneTracker installation will cover five cameras viewing an airport apron, while another will stitch four cameras trained on immigration lines.

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ioi-unattendedViolent crime and inappropriate conduct in most of bus and train stations is on the rise again.

Olvitech offers better protection in high profile for streets, tourist areas, bus stations, railways and more. System provides the police with additional tools to better do their jobs.  The idea is to harness video technology to help in the fight against crime and to intensify rules of safety.

By installing IP cameras directly on the city’s network to cover the bus and train stations, the challenge remained how to extend meaner streets which lacked a fiber network and where support may not be as enthusiastic.

  • The DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) platform, with the Network Video Management System (NVMS) at its core, is a best solution as the primary command and control management software to provide IP network video surveillance (with or without video analytics) for what will eventually number several hundred DVTel IP surveillance cameras.  The color, all-weather cameras are equipped with low light and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capability.  NVR for 24/7 recording.The Police or Municipality Operation Center always has access to all project video feeds from the DVTel PTZ cameras located throughout all neighborhoods and the central public transportation district.  The Operation Center can also access video feeds from the housing project cameras. 
  • Network: DVTEL systems are fully integrated with all kinds of network infrastructure, like Fibers; VSATs (over the satellite); Wifi and WiMaxsolutions. Using different kinds of network, DVTEL IP cameras and encoders, can easily change frames per seconds; encoding formats and fit the system to any network limitation.
  • DVTel fixed and PTZ IP cameras can be chosen for their high quality images and reliability
  • Ioimage advanced Autonomous PTZ Tracking, with Independently tracks and visually relays moving targets; Self-directed vision-guided tracking and PTZ synchronized hand-off (video analytics) - a practical and cost-effective solution that provides full coverage of the entire sales lot.
  • Ease of installation, operation and maintenance: Installation of the system required no additional wiring, and each channel takes just minutes to set up. Once things were up and running, users experienced a fast and simple learning curve to master the system.


Supplementary Products

sds mobile w screen

The Expert system COGITO

SDS solution is an automated decision making system capable of collecting and analyzing psycho-physiological indications and cross-referencing these indications with additional objective (and available) information. The system can isolate those suspects that qualify for secondary investigation by trained investigators. The system performs this with a high level of accuracy and reliability (not more than 4% false alarm).